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There’s no one perfect way to plan a wedding, but some couples are overwhelmed by the mere thought of hosting any sort of large scale party.

Eloping obviously isn’t for everyone, but for many couples it’s the best (and only!) way to go. There are tons of benefits to getting out of town alone for your wedding, so even if you feel like you and your groom might be ill-suited to eloping, it’s definitely worth considering.

Here are five solid reasons to elope:

1. It’s cheaper!
This benefit of eloping is pretty obvious. If you’re looking for an affordable way to tie the knot, eloping is definitely the way to go. Most couples spend the majority of their wedding budgets on the reception venue, food and drinks so taking these costs out of the equation can save you thousands of dollars. Add to this the fact that plenty of hotels and resorts abroad offer sweet deals on wedding packages — plus you can combine the main event and the honeymoon to save even more!

2. It’s

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