a canadian-hindu wedding in winnipeg - bride and groom




Breanna and Vibhu met while both were headed to Japan for teaching positions. “We were seated together alphabetically for our flight,” Breanna explains. “The sun was shining over Winnipeg that July morning, and our lives were about to get a whole lot sunnier!”

Later that year Breanna and Vibhu arranged to go to Osaka together. “We both showed up in Osaka with no plan, and I had never been happier,” Breanna remembers. “I knew then that this was something special.”

For their wedding, the couple had two dates. The first included a morning Hindu ceremony followed by a lunch, and the second day was a Canadian ceremony with a cocktail hour and reception. “For our first day we chose a maroon and gold

Article source: http://www.weddingbells.ca/real-weddings/hindu-canadian-wedding-winnipeg/