Lovely Vintage Wedding in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Bride and Groom Hugging




Kyla and Zachary became friends in high school but it wasn’t until they took ballroom dance classes together in their second year of university that they decided to become something more. On their seventh anniversary, Zach proposed. “He wrote in icing sugar on my crepe, ‘Drink your orange juice carefully.’ It turns out, he put the ring in my orange juice!” Kyla recalls.

The couple didn’t choose a specific theme or colour scheme for their wedding. “Everything we picked was completely random, yet pleasantly cohesive,” Kyla explains.

Kyla and Zachary agree that their favourite details from that day were their outfits. Kyla’s dress was custom made, with a mix of different types of lace. “A couple of weeks before the wedding, Melissa

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