Buying Tips

One of the most important piece of jewelry any man will buy in his lifetime is an engagement ring. For a person who is on a tight budget, the prospect of choosing a ring she will love for a price that is affordable can be more than a little discouraging. However, as long as the man knows what he is doing he can get a bargain and still give her a ring that she will love. There are four methods a couple can follow when they are shopping four an engagement ring, especially if the couple is one a budget.

  1. When shopping for an engagement ring a couple should start with informing themselves about the “Four C’s” of diamond quality, which are cut (Old Europian Cut,Table Cut, or Mazrin Cut), color, clarity, and carat. The couple can also shop with reputable jewelers who will offer official certification.
  2. A second method is to shop around. As with anything else, shopping around will ensure a person will get the best bargain. You should look in a variety of shops, both in person and online before you research a decision. Ask for advice from friends and colleges will also help a couple to find a trusted and certified jewelry salon.
  3. A third method is to know when buying an engagement ring woman’s ring size, which will save you money and embarrassment because an improperly sized ring can be resized, however; it can cost extra to have it resized.
  4. A fourth method is to buy a design you know she will love. Princess and round cut diamonds are the most inexpensive and common shapes. Other shapes to consider are oval, pearl, emerald, heart, or marquise. When picking a diamond make sure to pick a clear color. Diamond color is an area that should not be skipped. What it all comes done to when buying an engagement ring is budget and preference, so it really depends on what is important to you.