The legal paperwork

If you’re looking for more than a symbolic celebration, you’ll need to complete an “Application for Civil Marriage” at the region’s Civil Registry Office upon arrival. Be prepared to present your passports, one additional form of photo identification, your birth certificates (translated into Spanish), as well as dissolution documents if either of you have been married before. You’ll also need two witnesses. If your witnesses are not Mexican citizens, they must provide their Mexico entry visa or a tourist card, passports and another form of picture ID as well. Blood tests also need to be completed prior to your ceremony. These can normally be administered at your hotel with results in 24 hours. Other than the blood test, most of these formalities can typically be taken care of before you arrive in Mexico with the help of a wedding coordinator, but if you’re planning on taking care of the paperwork yourself, plan to arrive in the country at least three days before your wedding date.

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