Debunking the Biggest Destination Wedding Myths

You might be dreaming of exchanging vows at the base of a stunning waterfall or with a cliff-top view of green, rolling hills, but you also might think of it as a pricey, extravagant option that’s harder to plan and won’t allow for much personal time with your guests.

In reality, a destination wedding can actually save money and allow you to have a romantic, intimate celebration with your closest friends and family. It’s ideal for couples who want to give their guests a unique experience that extends beyond a one-day event. “Destination weddings are a great option for couples looking for a more laid-back approach to their wedding,” shares Tara Soloway, founder of LUXE Destination Weddings. “Events tend to be smaller, more intimate and personalized for the couple that’s looking for an experience-based wedding, rather than a traditional one.”

No matter what destination you choose, you don’t have to make huge sacrifices to have the wedding of your dreams. That’s why we’re dispelling some of the biggest destination wedding myths, and shedding light on why getting married abroad may

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