WWe all know that a diamond is a promise—but it’s also so much more. It represents your lives, your connection and how brilliantly your love for one another shines.

Each diamond is unique, much like each relationship, and this is why each woman chooses a cut of diamond all her own. And why shouldn’t she? It’s a personal piece of jewellery that she will wear proudly, for the rest of her life.

Historically, however, when it came to creating perfect symmetry (which creates a dazzling diamond), you could really only do it with a round cut diamond, and not everyone wants a round cut. And absolutely no one wants to settle for a diamond that appears dull or glassy.

Realizing this, Forevermark has created a new generation of diamonds, cut with symmetry and unprecedented accuracy in order to shine and sparkle like no other. The Black Label Collection is the most exclusive collection of diamond cuts ever seen. The difference comes down to how and where the diamond facets are placed. Each facet in the pavilion, crown and girdle of the diamond must be meticulously hand-cut to precisely the right size and placed at exactly the

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