Celebrity wedding planner David Connolly is here to answer all of your burning wedding-related questions. 

Q: I heard some people tip everyone (the church, the wedding planner, the people who work at the reception, etc). How much is appropriate? For example say it cost 600 to get married in your church, how much would you tip on that? I totally get/agree that you would want to show your gratitude and appreciation for your vendors — I’m just concerned with looking cheap. Is there a magic percentage like there is for restaurants? I don’t want anyone to feel insulted and this is totally stressing me out haha 🙂 Thanks in advance for any advice you have!
– Courtney McKay via Facebook

A: Hi Courtney,

Great question. To ease your stress, I offer these “Tips On Tipping.” To obliterate your stress, I offer them in a video game metaphor with the hope that your groom may consider taking on this great-for-grooms task. And now, without further i-do, we proudly introduce: VENDOR QUEST: T.Y.100.


Article source: https://weddingbells.ca/planning/how-and-when-you-should-tip-your-vendors/