Cake by Finespun Cakes Pastries. Photo by Sai Kit Photography.

For many couples, ordering the perfect wedding cake can be a challenging process, especially for those who have never tackled this sort of task before. For couples with large guest lists, it can be especially difficult to know where to begin when it comes to ordering enough dessert to feed hundreds of people.

When it comes to designing artful and delicious wedding cakes for parties of all sizes, Alexandria Murray of Finespun Cakes Pastries is an expert. The Toronto-based cake designer says the beauty of ordering a custom cake is having a designer as a guide through the entire process.

“Even if you don’t have a wedding planner to help, the cake designer is there to answer all your questions,” she says. “We lay out the flavour and design options, payments needed, and let you know exactly what’s needed at each stage of the process to help you get your dream cake.”


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