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Choosing the ideal engagement ring for you, his dream girl, can be an overwhelming prospect for any fiancé: it’s the ultimate symbol of your love and it has to make you swoon. Plus you’ll be showing it off to family and friends.

Meanwhile, you have a strong sense of the ring you desire but don’t want to add pressure to the process for your hubby-to-be. How do you help him choose your perfect ring? We’ve got some ideas.

Bring in backup
“A sneaky way is to go through a friend or close family member and have them let your potential fiancé know what you like,” suggests Lynzie Kent, owner and creative director of Love By Lynzie Events and Design.

Tip: Make sure your wing peeps know exactly what you like about a particular design (whether that’s the band, diamond cut, or style) in case he can’t get that exact ring.

Social Media is a girl’s best friend
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