Lakum Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses

Photos by Masato Onoda




Aspiring princesses need not apply—Brooklyn-based Lakum’s contemporary designs are not for conventionalists, nor girly-girls. Sophisticated and self-aware, the line “aims to upset the established standards of bridal wear” by “[challenging] traditional norms.”

This season’s manifesto? “Form and space are woven within structure.” The quote comes from late renowned architect Zaha Hadid; the designers also cite artists Joan Miro and Francis Picabia as current muses. The architectural inspiration is apparent in the collection’s sharp, angular cuts, structured fabrics (neoprene is a g0-to) and geometric embellishments (dubbed “rhombus chrome embroidery” by the designers). Silhouettes are structured and streamlined, rarely veering from a body-skimming column (a cropped bustier overlaid with a billow of gossamer, floor-sweeping organza worn

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