meghan markle two wedding dresses

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Meghan Markle will light another wedding trend aflame with her recent choice in attire. According to Vanity Fair, Meghan will be wearing not one, but two wedding dresses–one for the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel, and one for the reception, which will be hosted by Prince Charles. A source close to Meghan told Vanity Fair that “the plan is for her to change after the ceremony so she can party the night away in something glamorous and less restrictive.” The source also spilled details about Meghan’s first dress, saying: “The wedding dress itself will be traditional and elegant. There’s been talk of lace and sleeves and Meghan has been working very closely with the designer, who has been sworn to secrecy.”

Sporting a second dress is one of the hottest wedding trends for 2018; however, it’s not a new trend among royals. After her wedding ceremony, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton opted to change from her stunning

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