Unabashedly sexy, Berta Balilti’s Muse by Berta collection is certainly not for wallflowers. Modesty doesn’t just take a backseat to racy glamour here; it’s nowhere to be found. And, that’s just the way Muse brides like it. In describing the line, the brand calls for a “perfect mix of passion and confidence. Fronting edgy silhouettes with soft dreamy fabrics, it is the contradicting mix of elegance and boldness that makes this collection stand out.”

Thanks to the likes of J. Lo., Rihanna, Beyonce and the Kardashian/Jenners, “naked dresses” aren’t quite as scandalous as they once were (see: reactions to Cher in her Bob Mackie-dressed heyday). At Muse, translucent fabrics are rarely backed with opaque linings. The bare skin visible beneath graphic lace bodices is as much part of the gowns’ design

Article source: https://weddingbells.ca/fashion-beauty/wedding-dresses/muse-berta-fall-2018-wedding-dresses/