Beydodo Womens Stainless Steel Promise Ring Halo SWA Elements Zircon Engagement Rings 2.5 MM Silver

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Brand Attitude

Beydodo Jewelry was created by a yong 90th creative and energetic team, we love life, we respect different region, we would love to share our positive belief about life with all talented and passionte companions. The world is but a little place,after all.

Brand Service

Love to be consistent with our commitment by providing our customers with a happy and satisfying shopping experience.

Product Design

This is a very elegant, massive and charming ring that can be worn on many special occasion. Be it a casual glamorous look or a cool chic one, this set of stainless steel rings faceted smooth polishing are ideal. The inner arc design doesn’t scratch fingers for the drawing process. Never rust, don’t fade, not allergic, acid and alkali resistant, hard, bright.

Gentle Hints

This is An ideal gift or a good piece to keep in your own jewelry box or for your fair lady. This simple yet romantic design is perfect for any outfit – and it makes a great gift too! Perfect for Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas!


  • Stainless steel doesn’t dull or fade and is very low maintenance
  • Stylish, eye catching, light weight and very affordable
  • Can be worn all the time without issues
  • Beautiful jewelry for those who love fashion
  • Intricate jewelry designs to inspire your confidence and courage

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