HSG 6MM Wedding Band For Men Tungsten Carbide Ring Engagement Ring Comfort Fit Beveled Edges

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HSG brand, a symbol of beautiful life
Everyone longs for eternity, and the ring is the best witness of love. A small ring, on behalf of the firmness of promise and love, is the best gift for him/her.
Tungsten carbide is hard and dense, that is roughly 10 times harder than 18k gold, 4 times harder than Titanium. In an extraordinary process, tungsten and carbide powders are forged together at 2,400 Fahrenheit degrees to form rings. Polished with a diamond compound, the rings shine comes into being. Therefore Tungsten Carbide Ring means strong and courage. Inspired by the characteristics of it, we created HSG which symbolizes that life is beautiful.
HSG focuses on the high-end jewelries for many years, and provides various styles of Tungsten Carbide Rings to witness your happiest times and accompany you every day. With excellent quality of products and good services, HSG is welcomed by the market at home and abroad.

Packaging Lists
Tungsten Carbide Ring, Jewelry Box, Antiseptic, Product Card
As we know, Tungsten Carbide Ring can not be resized, in order for the customer to get the accurate size ring, we will measure it carefully before shipment.

Maintenance Knowledge
1) Tungsten Carbide Ring is different from Volkswagen Accessories, so it is best to store your ring separately.
2) Keep it away from harsh chemicals.
3) When it’s dirty, simply mix warm water with a few drops of mild soap.
4) When the ring loses luster, you can put it into solution for 2 hours( 100g of warm water, 15g of bleaching powder, 15g of baking soda and 5 g of salt), then mix warm water with a few of sodium carbonate (a liter of water plus 1 teaspoon baking soda ) to clean it one more time.
5) Do not use ultrasonic cleaner or Steam cleaners or Ionic detergents to clean it.


  • Main material:Tungsten Carbide .
  • This tungsten wedding band is 6mm in width,brushed center,comfort fit,polished on both sides.The luxurious feeling of thick precious metal is combined with comfort fit style, which makes this amazing wedding ring to be worn happily. Durable, wear-resistant and permanently polished tungsten rings maintain their initial glamorous appearance.
  • We provide ring box free, so you can save your giftware fee, and help you preserve the ring away from destruction.
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to help you.

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