It happened: you found your soulmate…now what? It’s time to plan your wedding.

Of course you want something fun, memorable, romantic and spectacular. But is that even possible—without pulling your hair out?

You bet. And with Majestic Resorts, it can be done beautifully, on a budget. Gather up your spouse-to-be, prepare to be pampered and book a destination wedding that even the wedding of your dreams would be jealous of. At the same time, give yourself and your guests a gorgeous Caribbean vacation, filled with beauty and tranquility.

You and your beloved deserve to be pampered—as do your guests—and Majestic will do just that, with the devoted dedication of a best-friend-slash-wedding-planner. Each couple has a pre-travel wedding coordinator as well as an on-site planner once they’ve arrived, to make sure every detail is spot-on.

Picture it: you and your soulmate saying “I do” on the spectacular Bavaro beach and it literally takes your breath away (just like your betrothed). Simplicity and ease is key, allowing you to step away from the expense, the worries and the stress of a stay-at-home wedding, leaving the details to the experts. Indulge in a full week of wedding festivities

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