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With everything else that’s on your plate in the lead up to the big day, getting your skin in top shape has probably fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. Not to fear though, even if you’re getting married in the next few weeks there’s still time to solve any lingering skincare concerns so that your complexion is flawless in your wedding photos.

Thanks to a few miracle products and one ground-breaking new skincare treatment, achieving perfect skin in a matter of days has actually never been easier.

We recently sat down with Leala McInernery, senior educator at The International Dermal Institute in Toronto, and asked her to share her favourite quick (yet extremely transformative) skincare fixes with us.

Get A Super-Charged Facial
Want visible results instantly with no down time? Proceed directly to a Dermalogica spa for a 45-minute IonActive Power Treatment. “This is absolutely the strongest system we’ve been able to launch in Canada,” says McInernery. This next-level facial is customized based on each individual’s skincare

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