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Making mistakes during the wedding planning process is inevitable – after all, most people only tackle the task once in their lives!

Luckily, there are professionals who can help you plan your big day and dodge any serious blunders. We sat down with wedding planners Tara O’Grady and Lisa Garofalo of Bliss Events to get some insight into the most common missteps brides make during the preparations and how you can avoid making the same ones:

Low-balling your budget

There are many common details that couples often forget to factor into their budgets and these oversights can result in thousands of extra dollars being added to the final bill. For example, don’t underestimate the impact of service charges or non-negotiable gratuities. If you’re working with a specific, predetermined amount of money, reach out to a professional wedding planner to prepare a budget for you or at least to review the one that you’ve prepared. A professionally-prepared budget is an eye-opening revelation. The unit costs alone may seem reasonable but when everything is

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