beauty appointments

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With a heaping pile of things on your wedding to-do list, scheduling beauty appointments might be the last thing on your mind. However, locking down skincare, haircare and dental treatments in advance will ensure you’re looking your best on the big day.

Here’s a list of treatments to consider along with guidelines on when you should get them booked into your calendar.

Facials should be scheduled for at least six weeks before the wedding, advises Mariam White, president of The Principle Brands, the exclusive distributor of French cult-skincare line Biologique Recherche in Canada, which also has a signature facial available at select locations. “This is to ensure that there’s enough time for the skin to lift sun damage or calm breakouts,” she explains.

If you’ve been following a specific facial routine for awhile, your last treatment can be as late as two days before your wedding day. But if you haven’t had anything quite as regimented, your final pre-wedding facial should be no later than ten days before the

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