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Wondering what to wear in your wedding hair? You need to think not only of the accessory piece, but of your hair style too. Hair pro Tony Masciangelo, co-owner of Toronto’s Alcorn Hair and on-set regular with Weddingbells, says these are two bridal style elements that absolutely must synergize! “The beauty of today’s wedding hair accessories is that they are completely different than those of decades ago,” Masciangelo shares. There are so many beautiful options—from veils and hairbands to florals—that are delicate, romantic, graphic and dramatic.

Masciangelo says the key to finding the right one is to strike a balance between your accessory, hair and makeup, so nothing overpowers you. Have an open and honest conversation with your stylist so everything works together to create a look that is elegant and timeless.

Here’s Masciangelo’s expert advice when it comes to accessories and hair options:

Hair Jewellery
“I’m talking about modern tiaras and bejewelled hairbands that add a glamorous finish to a bridal look. The key when working

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