perfect bridal lip colour

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The lip shade you wear on your wedding day can make or break your entire bridal look. Think about how you feel when you put on your favourite everyday lipstick: happy, beautiful and ready to take on the world, right?! This is exactly the vibe you should have on your wedding day, which means finding just the right lip hue is as important as the perfect dress (seriously!)

If anyone knows lips, it’s Susanne Langmuir, founder of the Toronto-based global beauty sensation Bite Beauty. We caught up with her while creating our own bespoke lip colour at the amazing Bite Beauty Lab (here you can choose your dream shade, formula and fragrance and watch your lipstick come to life in front of your eyes). Langmuir shared some interesting thoughts on wedding day lip colour dos and don’ts.

“It’s your wedding day and that means it’s your day to own your look and your lip colour, ”she says. “I don’t think there is any shade a

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