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There’s no doubt that religiously attending spin classes and sticking with a strict healthy diet in the months before your big day can help you look and feel fabulous when it comes time for your walk down the aisle, however, there’s another (much more easily achievable) way to ensure your body looks its best in your wedding dress. Going for a professional bra fitting and investing in the right undergarments well before the main event can have a truly transformative effect.

“Getting a bra fitting is so important,” says Maggie Hess, a fit consultant for Wacoal Canada. “When you have the right undergarment everything hangs so much better, your clothes fit better, and you can look 10 pounds lighter!”

Hess explains that when it comes to shopping for undergarments, most women are doing it all wrong. “Most wear the band too loose and the cup too small,” she explains. “Ladies also get really hung up on bra sizes, but a number doesn’t mean anything.” Hess recommends trying

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