Worst Wedding Gifts Ever - Unhappy Bride Holding Present

Photo via iStockphoto.

It’s post-wedding, and you’ve finally found some time to sift through your giant pile of gifts. With a sense of excitement, you reach for the nearest beautifully wrapped box. You immediately feel the heft of it, and the heavier the box the better the gift inside it has to be, right? You pull off the ribbon, rip off the paper and remove the lid, only to discover that you’ve received a painted rock. And a pretty big one at that.

What gives?

You registered at a few stores, giving your guests plenty of gift options you’re guaranteed to love. And even if they wanted to go off-registry, you assumed they would know you better than to gift you something that you have absolutely no use for.

But the thing is, you could’ve had it so much worse. Generally speaking, bad wedding gifts commit one or (or more) of these sins:

They’re damaged or have clearly been used before.
It’s normal to want to cut costs during wedding season, but gifting a Article source: http://www.weddingbells.ca/planning/the-worst-wedding-gifts-ever/