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Your wedding is obviously a day when you strive to look your best, hence the popularity of bridal fitness bootcamps. But while countless brides concentrate on exercise during the sometimes busy and stressful wedding planning process, proper skin care can often take a back seat. However, considering the number of professional portraits (and selfies) that will be snapped on your big day (probably more than you’ll have taken on any other day of your life), getting your skin in top shape for the big day is equally (if not more) important than achieving that elusive Victoria Secret runway show bod.

So how soon after getting engaged should you get serious about kick-starting your wedding skin care plan? The answer is: immediately, according to Chloe Smith, national education and scientific communications lead for SkinCeuticals. “The earlier you start investing in your skin, the better the results will be come your wedding day. Women should take this time as an opportunity to develop healthy skin habits for life,” she explains.

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