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The idea of giving a parting gift to your guests that sums up you as a couple as well as the entire wedding day may be daunting. Should you send them home with something edible such as a sweet or condiment? Or should you take a different route and gift them with something they might find useful? We spoke to Alexandra McNamara, Toronto-based wedding planner at Blush Bowties, and Andrea Hounsell, Atlantic Canada-based planner at Borrowed Blu, to weigh in on wedding favour etiquette, the best wedding favours they’ve seen couples give, and their best tips for picking what’s right for your celebration.

1. Contrary to popular belief, giving a wedding favour is not necessary.
However, it is a nice gesture for your guests, and can also be a lovely addition to your decor. “Take time to think about what you want as a couple without the pressure of

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