Photo by Chelle Wootten

Unlike some brides, I never gave my big day any thought until my partner and I decided to tie the knot two years ago. Having zero idea of what actually goes into planning a party of this magnitude and no clue of what we actually wanted, when it came to planning our wedding we had to start at square one.

I learned a thing or two planning our big day, but before I get into that, here’s a bit of backstory on our wedding so you have an idea. My now-husband and I had been together for ten years when we decided to get hitched. We live in Toronto but wanted to get married in Nova Scotia (where I’m from) and gave ourselves just over a year to plan everything. And spoiler alert: I wasn’t a traditional bride. We kept everything very low-key and threw a lot of traditions out the window for a more unique approach. Here are five things I learned along the way

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