Photo via Sarah Blais and Constant Van Ruymbeke.

Within moments of opening your wedding invitation, guests will undoubtedly begin pondering what on earth they should wear for the occasion. They will inevitably wonder if white is off limits and whether suit jackets and ties are expected, which, depending the type of people your loved ones are, may result in a barrage of emails.

Get ahead of these queries by offering concrete outfit advice from the get-go. Include somewhere on your invite (fine print at the bottom works perfectly) a few words about the style of wedding you’re having, which will give guests some direction on what they should wear. You may not think it’s your duty to tell them how to dress, but helping your guests with sartorial choices will actually ensure they’re comfortable and able to focus completely on the main event (rather than feeling self-conscious about being over- or under-dressed).

We asked Melissa Evans-Lee, style expert and marketing director for Toronto’s Bayview Village for advice on

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