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Consider this: on your wedding day, it’s just the two of you taking on the event together. No MOH (just like Meghan Markle), no best man, no bridesmaids, groomsmen or wee ones. Sounds like a sweet recipe for an easy breezy day doesn’t it?

While we appreciate how helpful a bridal party can be, we are also fully behind this new movement towards flying solo through your day. It can make things a little easier and let you focus solely on each other and your guests. Toronto-based event planner Gillian Roberts says this is a trend she has seen gaining popularity. “I am absolutely seeing a trend towards couples skipping bridal parties all together, or only have one person stand up with them such as a sibling or best friend,” Roberts shares. We quizzed Roberts about the pros and cons of abandoning attendants altogether.

Why do you think opting to not have a bridal party has become a thing?

“Couples going this route are ones who

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