bad proposal

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“That is so cliché!” my friend Sophie declared, rolling her eyes.

We are flicking through her Facebook feed (an inevitable part of our hangouts), when we spot the engagement post of our friend Charlotte. Her now fiancé popped the question during a hike by spelling out “Will you marry me?” in the snow. Flashing her barely-there diamond ring in a kissing selfie, Charlotte looks the epitome of post-proposal bliss.

Before I can comment on how happy Charlotte looks, Sophie interjects.

“Every girl gets that ring. If Jeremy proposed like that, I would not say yes.”

“I’ll start preparing the ‘how to’ binder now,” I replied, laughing. “Rule number one, get a big diamond.”

Sophie stares at me, dumbfounded.

“I expect you to.”

I should’ve known better than to joke around. A perfectionist to her very core, Sophie has every aspect of her life planned and her proposal is no exception. She’s mapped out the setting (somewhere private), the method (no flash mobs), and the ring (diamonds around the band, please). There is simply no way that she would leave

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